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About Me

"I've clocked in more years than I care to tally, busting my chops in every nook and cranny of the mortgage biz, from sales to post-closing. Most of my time? Spent diving deep into the underwriting trenches, soaking up lessons like a sponge. Survived the wild '90s crash and rode the crazy 2020 boom—talk about a rollercoaster ride!"



I'm all about serving up training that's more exciting than shuffling papers or tapping buttons. My goal? Spilling the beans on mortgage pro secrets that don't usually make it into the mix!

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I see a future where individuals, regardless of background or location, have the opportunity to expand their horizons, master new skills, and unleash their full protentional. Welcome to our journey of limitless learning possibilities!

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My industry mentor was all about schooling, and I’m here to keep that fire burning! Let's face it, our business is like a classroom without a teacher. Time to shake things up and bring some formal training to the party!

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